“Once in history, savages who spat on my name, the Mordok barbarians, tried to assault the peaceful island of Kamikura. There was no honor or glory in this invasion, only for rape and pillage. The humble agricultural people of this island valiantly raised arms and cried out to me.
I honored their prayers.
I annihilated Khal Mordok’s entire army at sea with the ‘divine wind’, slaughtered their women and children, and left the Khal a crippled testament of my wrath.”
- Entry 463, Chiaroscruo Diaries, Azair Erudagrion

These are the list of people and factions that is known to exist to the party.

  • Lorban’Teras United Military:
  • Sulfur Fist of Asmodeus: Formerly “Order of the Fist (of Tierra)”, Monks who perfected their bodies to harness immense physical strength and aptitude. Recently have been corrupted into demons by use of the Godhand.
  • Cult of Baalzebub: Human (mostly) cultists who worship the Lord of 9 Hells through their demon master Baalzebub.
  • Spark Hunters: Lord Asmodeus’s personal guard of 13 hamatula rangers/mortal hunters who capture and/or slay mortals who draw their master’s ire.
  • Scarborough Faire:

Legion of the Lion
- Lorban Forces:

  • Lion’s Pride: Surviving warriors of the Knight Elite. Top combatants.
  • Wolf’s Run: Skirmishers and spies specialized in Guerrilla Warfare. Consisted of specialists from a pool of personal friends of Greil Ravenholt from his younger years (I.E. Drake Chase) and their personal contacts.
  • *Raven’s Rebellion: Rebels consisting of mostly non-military background. Civilians, Simple Guards, Mercenaries.
  • Keldic Barbarians: Barbarians that used to rule over Lorban’Teras but were beaten and exiled by King Grahf upon founding of the nation. They are lead this day by Radha Balduvia of the Keld and hope to reclaim their ancestral homes they were exiled from, by promises of Alaric.


  • Desert Kingdom of Alma Nagar
  • Iron Kingdom of Kisvet
  • Order of Tierra’s Breath (Perfection of Spirit)
  • Order of Tierra’s Wings (Perfection of Mind)
  • Order of Tierra’s Fist (Perfection of Body) (Eliminated by Saris, all killed or assimilated
    into his army; is the only known survivor)
  • Mordic Barbarians: The most successful barbarian empire that spanned multiple nations during the height of their reign. Tried to take an island nation of Kamikura lead by Khal Mordok where they lost their entire invasion army to a freak storm, a miscalculation of the Khal according to historians. Religious types infer that supernatural powers were at cause.
  • Bitterblossoms


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