King Saris "The Godhand of Asmodeus"


Age: 36
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Hair: Raven Black
Sex: Male
Features: A chitinous malformed clawed arm that is always irradiating with heat and evil.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class: ?
Weapon: ?
Quote: “‘Go to Hell?’ I’ve been to Hell, Tal’Lama, all Nine of them, and not a single demon can give me my reprieve. I hope you have your apologies for your God ready holy man, because I am going to gift you with a new master.”
- Saris before infesting the Tal’Lama, the High Ascetic, into Barbazu the Bearded Devil.


- Little is known as of yet where Saris got his power.

- Saris keeps his demonic arm “The Godhand” wrapped up in his cloak unless he feels a need to use its corruptive powers.

- In case it isn’t clear. FINAL BOSS!!!!!!!!

King Saris "The Godhand of Asmodeus"

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