The Spice of Life


“I don’t do it for the money, Sister, I do it because if I can make any one of their lives just a bit better then maybe being left on your doorstep was all worth while.” -Pepper answering Sister Nancy when asked why she continues to fight and steal.


1.) Character’s Name: Pepper
2.) Age: 28
3.) Sex: Female
4.) Height: 5’6
5.) Weight: 150
6.) Hair Color: Black, but has a streak of white in the front
7.) Eye Color: Hazel
8.) Race: Human
9.) Alignment: Chaotic Good
10.) Class: Rogue/Theif/Underground Fighter
11.) Country: Unda Insula

13.) Weapon: Fist weapons that she had specially made for fighting close combat the deal non-leathal damage. Also carries an ornate short sword when push comes to shove and she has no other way to fight she will resort to using a blade.

14.) Physical Description: Has built form from training to fight making her more muscle than anything else. She has an above average bust. Her hair falls just past her shoulder blades, but she usually keeps it in a low ponytail.

15.) Mental Description: Calm and cool while on the job. When not stealing, fighting or questing she is cheerful and gentle especially around children.

16.) Miscellaneous Information:

17.) Character Background/History:

Pepper was abandoned just after being born on the steps of the local Church that also doubled as an orphanage.

The Sister Nancy raised her amongst other orphaned children, but as she grew up she became closer friends with one particular child over all others. Salt was a little boy with pure white hair that took to protecting the younger girl. She was soon given a name that also complimented her monochrome hair. Salt and Pepper became an inseparable pair making mostly mischief during their time in the church. The mischief then spread beyond in to the city as they picked up the skills of pickpockets, but never taking more than what was needed sharing it with the other children.

Though Sister Nancy knew what the pair were up to but she couldn’t bring herself to stop them, and wished only for them to be safe and prayed that they would stay that way.

As with most wishes Sister Nancy’s fell on deaf ears as the pairs stealing caught up with them. They were given only two choices pay the price with their limbs or take on more than just petty theft. And of course the pair chose the latter and their light-hearted thefts turned info more high profile robberies. But they both continued to give whatever profit they received


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