Prince Erik "The Butcher of Corsica"

Cruelty's Razor Edge


Age: 22
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Auburn
Sex: Male
Features: Scar over his left eye given by Alaric
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: ?
Weapon: ?
Quote: “It is best to avoid crossing any path of my younger brother. He can’t be negotiated, reasoned, threatened or bought. I’ve seen Erik kill …”
- Alaric to Alice when she asks if the war effort can garner more troops from his younger brother Erik against Saris.


Erik is the youngest son born out of union of Mageta and Genevieve, Duchess of Corsica. When he was young he had a penchant for burning ants and pulling pigtails that seemed as harmless child’s pranks at the time but then he grew into a insatiable taste for prostitutes, gambling, & dog fighting since he was 15.

Erik believed that the Undans themselves should pay for their own executions, so on 11 May 1942, in the small town of Szczebrzeszyn, the Sturmriders ordered the Undan council to pay 20,000 platinum to cover the expenses for the resources used to kill the Undans.

During his tenure as commander of Bromberg, Erik tortured and murdered prisoners on a daily basis. Erik is believed to have personally killed more than 500 imprisoned Undans and sent thousands more to be executed on Luenza, a large hill that was used for mass killings along Bromberg grounds. Nicholas Romferd, one of Undans said: “When you saw Erik, you saw death.”

(To be Continued Per Players Decisions)

Prince Erik "The Butcher of Corsica"

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