Azair Erudagrion

To do battle with the God of Lightning


Age: 4009+ (Furthest record of his last exploit on Tierra since becoming flesh and blood)
Sex: Male
Class: Wizard
Weapon: “Vajra” (Level ?? Thunderwave Staff)
Quote: “Lightning does not discriminate morals on whom it strikes, good or evil. There are just targets that get in the way of its path”
- Azair Erudagrion

- Deva who was found and revered by the Eladrin thus given an Eladrin name Azair Erudagrion. Elvish for Azair:
“God of Lightning” Erudagrion: “To do battle with”.

- Walking embodiment of Kord ( Religion)

- Author of the Chiaroscruo Diaries

- Garb and features resembles that of Eastern cultures due to closer likeness of the Shinto god Raijin.

- Male asexual. Has no interest in any race/gender/creed, finds mating utterly trite and for ‘cattle’ desperate to leave behind progeny to make up for lack of self-worth.

- True neutral.

- Looks up to the fighting spirit of man, Looks down on man himself.

- Refers to all humans as “it” and in the 3rd person:
“Does it wish to speak to me?”

Azair Erudagrion

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