Adelais "Alice" Ravenholt

Rose of Aquitaine


Age: 19
Sex: Female
Class: Avenger
Weapon: Rapier (White Queen), Rapier (Red Queen)
Quote: “You are NOT a king, what you are, is target practice, and it just so happens women from Aquitaine are great at deflecting any shaft thrown before them.”
- Adelais to Alaric upon him telling her to obey her king and not ride into battle with him.


Adelais is the 19 year old daughter to commander Greil Ravenholt and Genevieve of Aquitaine. She has an acute prowess with a rapier besting men twice her age in singular combat from the training she received from her father. She was loved by many for her spunk, and talents.

- She came in contact with the evil relic [Placeholder Name] same time as Greil did in the encounter with Thyme and she sees delusions planted by demons which drives her mad occasionally calling her the ‘Duchess’.

Combat style:
Alice will fight defensively most of the time using only one rapier and carefully placing her attacks while keeping her defense strong like her father taught her.
Duchess fights with two rapiers and purposely throws herself in harms way repeatedly using abilities that will crush her own defenses and openly allow herself to be struck by enemies.

Alice: Wants to drive out the demons/duchess from her mind.
Duchess: Wants to become the primary persona and bring forth the demon machinations upon the world and accept the blessings of the Godhand.

Adelais "Alice" Ravenholt

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