Chiaroscruo Diaries

Storm of Helheim

“My Lord, the rebels were captured amongst them, the former Commander General Greil Ravenholt”

Alice, stunned, remarked “We have to save my father!”

Alaric was in silence and contemplation for what seemed like a hour and then replied “Absolutely not”

Alice pleaded “You have to know someone who you can spare!”

Alaric shouted, “What would you have me do? Helheim is the strongest fortress ever built by man, with the guard roster to match it, and it will take a large army to bring it down to its foundations to save one man. Alice, I would move mountains for you but the angels cannot give you their wings; And I cannot give you an army!”

“Alaric,” Adelais said with tears welling up from inside her deadened nerves “When it comes to us, the only thing I ever seen you move is your mouth.”

Alice grabbed hold of a horse and started to ride, and Pepper joined her.

“Alice,” Pepper stated, “we both know this is a one way trip.”

Alice wiped her tears on her leather cuffs “Then if we should perish then lets send Saris a message that the ‘strongest fortress ever built by man’ was almost brought down by two women.”

Pepper replied “It will be my honor.”



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