Chiaroscruo Diaries

Hunt of the Obiscura

A warning to the people, the good and the evil
To the soldier, the civilian, the martyr, the victim
A warning to the prophet, the liar, the honest
To the leader, the pariah, the victim, the messiah
This is war

Alaric “The White Lion of Guyenne” was on the run from the kingdom of Lorban’Teras because his older brother Crown Prince Saris the Black (later come to be known as King Saris “The Godhand of Asmodeus”) demanded his capture for assassinating King Mageta as well as an attempt to take Saris’s. Anyone close to Alaric knew this to be a false accusation, hence Saris also demanded the capture of all others who would threaten his word as sympathizers to the traitor: Including Adelais “Alice” Ravenholt and Greil Ravenholt.

Greil and Alaric split up early on as Alaric started hearing rumors of powerful artifacts of demonic power, the Obiscura, that started appearing in possession of civilians. As Greil left to gather other fugitives from the throne to build a rebellion against Saris, Alaric took on the assumed identity of Martin Oliander and Adelais took the name of Alice Hamilton, the seasoned adventurers extraordinaire duo, to hunt down these relics and free the people of its curses. Adelais followed Alaric being a childhood friend and unable to separate from him for feelings she yet couldn’t understand.

Along the path he met other heroes whose goals lied in tandem with his own:

  • Pepper, a master Thief/Assassin, who was under the belief the Obiscura were being spread by an organization she used to work for called the Scarborough Faire
  • Fafnir Hildgarde (dead), a focused warrior determined on eliminating the world of the harmful magic users as well as their “toys”
  • Chase Berger, a wizard that has more than a few bag of spanners loose, who finds the Obiscura as a path to reobtain his godhood believing himself to be of the pantheon. He has moments of lucidity that reflect a very different person.
  • Hazeem Viswanathan (dead), the captain of the royal guard from the desert oasis kingdom [placeholder] who serves under the Sultan. He traveled far to find the culprit who was spreading the Obiscura, since his lands were afflicted with the same plague that he had to personally deal with back at his home.

The party dealt with curse after curse, small town to cities, collecting all the relics to destroy when it finally lead them up to the confrontation with the mastermind of the corruption: Thyme (one of the three male leaders of Scarborough Faire). He was unhappy with the interference that was being done by the party and demanded cease of their vigilantism as well as the return of the relics. The party happily refused. Thyme put up a fight, summoning demon after demon using an obsidian staff that surged of hellish power. The party fought valiantly but were being overwhelmed before what seemed like endless waves of the horde.

All hope seemed lost when Hazeem was butchered by a demon, Adelais was disarmed and overtaken by smaller fiends, Pepper & Fafnir fell to their wounds, and Chase begged for mercy. Alaric, desperate to save his remaining allies, dropped his blade and threw himself into ranks of demons suffering every bite and stab they threw until he grasped and wrestled the obsidian staff from Thyme. In the final desperate hour he called upon its powers to exile all the fiends.

This proved a task too much for Alaric, despite successfully banishing all demons, the power started to corrupt him from within. As much as he fought he could not loose the grasp of the 9 voices of Asmodeus that sought control of his mind. Adelais seeing Alaric in struggle brought herself to her feet and ripped the staff from his hands causing the demons to redirect their attention to her. She was easily overcame and the staff shattered as the demons successfully found a nest in her mind. Both heroes fell unconscious from the mental assault.

Thyme found this an opportunity to make a hasty departure but ended up staring down the bolt of Hazeem’s hand ballista being held by Pepper who brought herself to her feet despite her critical wounds:



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