Chiaroscruo Diaries

From Ashes

“Hope can drown,
lost in thunderous sound,
Fear can claim what little faith remains
But I carry strength from souls now gone
I will never surrender
We will free the Earth and Sky
If you crush my heart into embers.
I will reignite.

The heroes lied broken and scattered after the fight with Thyme. Alaric and awoke in an infirmary in a medium sized town called Lepzeig. On his bedstand was a note from Pepper stating that she hoped to cross paths with them again in the future but she had important business in Unda’Insula assisted by mercenaries including Chase. In a cot of her own next to his, was Adelais, whom the clerics notified Alaric that both of them have been unconscious for over two weeks and she was still in a state of coma.

Alaric was in state of shock but believed with enough prayer and time she would awake. He spent the next month regaining his strength and visiting Adelais daily to read to her. During this time Alaric realized how much Adelais was his only confidant and the glue that held his psyche together during a time when the world was against him. This feeling of realization and loss blossomed into a deep love for her.

He was surprised with an unexpected visit from Fafnir who has taken up a position in the civilian militia for money and reconnaissance on more evil in any nearby towns/cities. Fafnir filled him on Thyme’s defeat and how he was taken by Pepper to be judged and sentenced in Undan court and that there were no new Obiscura occurrences. Alaric took up the job with Fafnir to pay for Adelais’s medical costs to the clerics.

brought news that Saris has declared martial law and curfew on all major cities since there was a rise in attacks and illegal gatherings for the sympathizers to the traitor prince. Fafnir also mentioned suspiciously looks somewhat like Alaric according to the drawing of the wanted posters:

“Mattheo,” Fafnir said with his back turned, “Do you believe Saris would give me a small army to avenge my family if I turned in Alaric and Commander General’s daughter Adelais?”
Alaric’s blood ran cold as he came to a realization that Fafnir had his suspicions.
“Fafnir please” Alaric started in a plead but Fafnir cut him off.
“In a hypothetical situation where if Adelais was incapacitated, would the traitor prince run and leave her?”
“I believe that the Prince would fight until death for her” Alaric’s mind raced, his sword was only an arm’s length away, he could reach for it and nobody was around so if he could be quick about it. Fafnir spoke again cutting off Alaric’s thoughts
“But I’m sure if the prince and the commander daughter were in this city they would have already left through a



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